FeXY Coaching Systems is heading to the Big Island for the Ironman World Championships with 5 Kona Qualifications this year. Come Join Us!

About Us:

Founded in 2010, FeXY Coaching Systems is a collaborative team of owners (Scott Baldwin, Reid Kiser, Michelle McKenna Lake, and Rob Barlow) and associate coaches who are passionate about helping athletes achieve individual endurance sport goals. Whether you are interested in improving general fitness or qualifying for a World Championship, FCS has a proven system to aid you in achieving your goal.

Our coaches have diverse backgrounds that support the Mission and bring multiple perspectives from non-competitive athletic backgrounds to collegiate level competitors to All Americans. Additionally, their individual career fields lend themselves to making continuous improvements in the coaching process through the use of data and analytics. This data driven approach, when applied to the athlete, is exceptionally efficient in maximizing performance.

We bring over 40 years of combined competitive experience and thrive by using the unique backgrounds of each individual coach to supplement other coaches in the group. This synergistic approach is never more prevalent than in the performance of our athletes.

Our passion is found in endurance sports and helping others succeed through our knowledge, structure, experience and leadership abilities.