"Working with Reid brought a new purpose to my training plan. His understanding of the theory and practice behind each workout, and its relationship to my overall goals, was instrumental in helping me to be successful." - SB

"Ive been working with Scott Baldwin for only 6 months but already noticed huge improvements in my fitness, endurance and race results. The scheduled workouts keep me on track and being accountable for my training makes me work harder and push myself more than I would on my own. I love the support and encouragement I get, especially on the bad days. Working with a coach I have made gains that I never could have made on my own. I am looking forward to continued race success and PRs during the 2011 season!" - MJ
"FeXY coaching is the best thing to happen to my race results this year! I have seen dramatic improvements through both the use of personalized interactions and week by week schedules. By having my coach, Michelle Prendergast, catering the training plans to my needs as an athlete it not only motivates me to complete each workout successfully but it allows me to stay focused and continue to excel long term!! I feel blessed everyday to have a FEXY coach on my side, pushing me towards being the best athlete possible! :)" - DG
"Ive never met a more passionate coach than Rob. He really cares and is invested in your development and success. His belief and support in my abilities has been both tremendous and rewarding. Having Rob as a coach and friend has made a difference in my life. I gained a greater understanding of myself and grew personally under his wing. Rob works with you to accomplish your goals and pushes you to the edge but not over. His approach allowed me to train smarter and his guidance gave me the confidence, so that on race day we both had put forth the best effort as a team. The transformation that I underwent in six months of having him as a coach was dramatic, from barely swimming to placing second in my division at my first half ironman. I cannot thank him enough." - GM
"Scott Baldwin knows how to not only build a training plan, but to build a successful season. I hired him to get me across an Ironman finish line and to PR other races. With his training plan, I got a PR in every race, and I had an amazing Ironman. He's a great coach." - RA
"Reid Kiser has been coaching me for a little less than six months. My experience has been extremely positive. I quickly saw immediate improvements resulting from the customized training plan Coach Reid created. I used to train based on how I felt on any given day. Coach Reid provided a purposeful sequential training that I was lacking. Within two months I won my age group in an Olympic event and finished top three Masters in a half Ironman event. He is very analytical and makes effective use of the latest technology (Computrainer data, PowerTap data, run data...) to provide his athletes with easily understandable feedback and progress.

But my relationship with Coach Reid goes beyond the systematic training involved with triathlon. He is always available to discuss ideas and to strategize about various aspects surrounding training, racing, off-season, general fatigue, and how to reach a critical balance among life's priorities.

Overall I highly recommend Coach Reid if you are looking for a coach who is extremely analytic, really cares about his clients well being and achieving their triathlon's goals yet keeping everything balanced." - XP
I worked with Michelle over a six week period prior to my half marathon. She is very attentive and hands on and tailors each workout to fit your needs. I highly recommend Michelles coaching services if you like a personal one on one experience. I have also used Michelle as a swim coach, and gained valuable tips on technique." - KAK
"Scott continues to be the perfect coach for me: thoughtful, precise, encouraging, and backed by years of science and both his own experiences as well as USAT coaching. And when I had questions, I heard back from him almost immediately. Before Scott coached me, I had raced a few half ironman distances and bonked on the run of every race. With his guidance and the schedule he laid out for me, I ran a 3:43 marathon in my first full Ironman distance and had never felt better. And I was able to actually enjoy the race." - LK
"I have worked with Reid Kiser and FeXY Coaching Systems for over a year. I have been doing triathlons for almost 5 years and have had a handful of coaches - Reid is the best one I have ever had, hands down. His attention to detail is pretty amazing and he helped me to numerous PRs including almost an hour in my marathon. FeXY Coaching provided me a level of comfort knowing that the stress of optimizing my training time was out of my hands." - MM
"I hired Scott to get me through my first Ironman distance race. I was looking for someone to just tell me what do and take the guess work out of the process. What I got was that, and so much more. Scott patiently listened to my goals, kept a watchful eye on my training to assess my abilities, and then told me I was capable of more than even I had hoped for. I could not have asked for anyone to be more knowledgeable or attentive. He knew when to tell me to take a day off because I needed it. He also knew when to tell me to push through a tough workout that he knew I was capable of finishing. He believed in me even when I doubted. His coaching led me to a 6 minute PR at the sprint distance, a 16 minute PR at the olympic distance and a 26 minute PR at the half iron distance. I am a different athlete now. The most amazing moment, though, was seeing Scott at the finish line of Ironman Louisville. I had finished in 11:16 and 8th in my age group. It was more than I could have hoped for, and, I owe it all to him. My first Ironman is behind me, but, I will continue to use Scott to continue pushing me to levels I would never achieve on my own. He has changed the way I view my potential in this sport." - LA