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Lab Testing

Field Testing

Optimization Services

  • 16 week Mental Toughness Program
  • Race Consultation (strategy, nutrition, course and pacing)
  • Post race analysis of pace execution and performance (includes WKO+ review of power and run split files)

Lab Testing

VO2max Testing

  • 1-hour session, including warmup, test and cool-down monitored by a coach
  • Identify fitness potential (VO2max)
  • Measure current level of fitness (Lactate Threshold) relative to potential
  • Measure aerobic efficiency — one’s ability to utilize fat as the primary fuel source
  • Establish Heart Rate training zones
  • Track changes in fitness and efficiency
  • This test gives the most amount of information about one’s fitness
  • Who would benefit:
    • Competitive athletes
    • Recreational athletes
    • Fitness enthusiasts
    • Anyone looking to get the most out of their limited training time

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)

  • 30 minute session performed under supervision of a coach
  • Measure baseline metabolic rate
  • Estimate total energy expenditure (TEE) in order to plan daily caloric intake
  • Who would benefit:
    • Excellent for anyone looking to create a structured nutrition plan or make changes to their current plan
    • Weight loss clients who are trying to boost their metabolism with a new training program

Metabolic Efficiency Test

  • 1-hour session, including warmup, test and cool-down monitored by a coach
  • Measure aerobic efficiency and the specific intensity when one crosses over from primarily fat fuel to carbohydrate fuel
  • Who would benefit:
    • Long course athletes for whom preserving glycogen stores becomes paramount to their success on event day

Event Nutrition Test

  • 1-hour session performed under supervision of a coach
  • Know your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) at whatever your eventintensity is. Once you know your TEE you will be able to also know how many calories you should consume during your event to keep your tank from running empty at the end
  • Who would benefit:
    • Any athlete wanting to know how many calories they should consume to keep their energy levels where they need to be for their event

Body Composition

  • 30 minute session performed under supervision of a coach
  • Identify lean and fat weight and percentages
  • Estimated RMR for those who do not do a measured RMR
  • Who would benefit:
    • Fitness clients looking to lose body fat
    • Athletes looking to lose body fat without losing muscle mass
    • Anyone looking to track changes in body composition

Why test with FeXY Coaching Systems?

  • State of the art equipment
    • CosMed CPET metabolic analyzer and BodPod are laboratory-grade measuring devices
    • CosMed CPET, www.cosmed.it
      • Measures CO2 and is calibrated against a known mixture of O2/CO2 so it is extremely accurate
      • Many other analyzers available to the public measure only oxygen, not carbon dioxide. Without measuring CO2, an analyzer cannot measure caloric expenditure
    • BodPod, www.bodpod.com
      • Accuracy within +/- 1%
      • Bioelectric Impedance & skin calipers +/- 8%
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Staff
    • Eric Sorensen first started VO2max testing in 1998 and has tested hundreds of athletes over the years

Lab Testing FAQ

Field Testing

FTP Testing (Bike)

  • 90 minute session includes setup, warmup, FTP test and cool down
  • Output from Test
    • Training Zones based on Power and/or HR are determined with definition of training zones and purpose for each zone
    • CompuTrainer Report summarizing test results
    • SpinScan numbers to show deficiencies in pedal stroke with a set of recommended drills/workouts to improve pedaling efficiency
    • WKO+ software Power Testing analysis and feedback
    • Other recommendations for optimizing your performance on the Bike including workouts, drills and exercises for limiters, referrals for bike fit as needed

Why Perform an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test?

  • Performance Testing is an effective way to indirectly assess metabolic responses.
  • Determining ones FTP will allow us to establish appropriate training zones for different types of workouts.
  • The simplest way to track training progress on the bike is by performing a Time Trial on the CompuTrainer™ which can indirectly assess how the body handles lactate production by measuring one’s performance during the time trial.
  • Achieving the desired outcomes with a CompuTrainer™ Time Trial test, like any other test, begins before testing starts. In order to have successful data interpretation, the test and conditions need to be consistent and repeatable. Variables to keep constant are time of test, distance, gearing, equipment, temperature, humidity, nutrition, sleep, rest and training status.
  • By measuring and monitoring your Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), Watts and Total Time for completion of the distance one will be able to measure performance gains or losses from time to time.

VDOT Testing

  • 1-hour session, including warmup, test and cool-down monitored by a coach
  • Does not require expensive laboratory equipment
  • Measures current fitness level, motivation and willingness to suffer
  • Based on Daniel’s Running Formula
  • Why do a VDOT test?
    • VDOT testing is used to measure current fitness level for running in a race like situation
    • Used to establish training paces for run workouts
    • Takes the guess work out of training and avoids over-training
  • Re-testing is encourage every 4-6 weeks throughout the season to ensure proper training zones are used

Lactate testing

  • 1-hour session with the coach testing blood lactate during running or cycling
  • Establishes HR/Power training zones based on the Lactate Threshold
  • Why do blood lactate testing?
    • Blood lactate is a unique metabolic variable that indicates the capability of the muscles for an athletic performance.
    • It measures the efficiency of both the aerboic and anaerobic systems to determine current fitness levels of each.

Optimization Services

Mental Toughness Training

  • A 16-week mental toughness program that includes weekly exercises to improve mental focus during the heat of competition
  • Mental toughness training is the 4th discipline in triathlon and endurance racing. Being mentally prepared will help you handle the unexpected smoothly.
  • Tips and tricks for getting out of the mid-race rut in order to stay mentally focused with the eye on the prize.